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Southwest Greens has perfected the art of designing and installing premium synthetic lawns and landscaping. Using the finest synthetic product on the market, EnvyLawn, we can simulate the look, feel and performance of natural grass in virtually any home or business environment and under the most extreme soil and weather conditions. What's more, EnvyLawn never needs to be mowed, watered or fertilized to look great 24/7.

It’s the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses located in areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Envylawn withstands not only extreme temperatures but is designed and installed to perform in hot, cold, wet and dry climates. It’s also the ideal alternative for grassy areas that take a beating from heavy use or places that are particularly difficult to maintain under normal conditions. It’s engineered for durability, performance and appearance.

Southwest Greens has extensive experience in the synthetic turf industry as the leader in designing and installing thousands of professional-caliber golf greens worldwide. We are pleased to bring our extensive product knowledge, design skills and installation expertise to your lawn and landscaping needs. We have the “know how” to handle even the most demanding terrain, slopes and contours.

Perhaps you live in an area with extreme weather conditions or where access to water is difficult. Or maybe you’ve got grasses areas that experience heavy foot traffic. Whatever your reason, Southwest Greens offers a solution with our synthetic lawn product. Enjoy the high performance and low maintenance of a turf that will have your lawn or grass area looking perfect year-round.

Our Envy Lawn is based on the same technology as our industry-leading putting greens, and is made of longer-bladed polyethylene designed to simulate natural grass. Play areas and lawns join chipping areas and fringe and tee boxes are perfect candidates for the natural look and feel of our synthetic grass. Enjoy the softer feel, superior “spring-back, and low maintenance of our amazing synthetic products.

Our synthetic turf is so versatile that is can also be installed in roadway medians, outdoor areas in restaurants, horse shoe pits, backyard and school recreation areas, bocce ball courts, athletic facilities, and commercial and municipal green areas.

Contact Southwest Greens if you are thinking about how nice it would be to have the perfect lawn. We can make it happen.

EnvyLawn is safe and easy to maintain

EnvyLawn is soft and natural, yet durable

EnvyLawn is environmentally friendly

no watering, mowing,  edging or fertilizing

resilient, resists matting

conserves water

system can be designed for extra soft landings

resists fading from sunlight

eliminates fertilizers and pesticides

no standing water to attract insects

tough enough to handle heavy foot traffic

Envylawn with Duraflo backing is 100% recyclable

safe for pets and kids: no itching or sneezing


heavy metal free

Southwest Greens' turf products provide for a safe, comfortable and high performance surface for a variety of recreational activities for playground areas in day care or common areas and back yard play areas.

Our grass and lawn products are an excellent choice for high traffic, heavy usage areas where low maintenance and water conservation is desired. Additionally, because of the consistency and predictability of the surface, our turf products provide a far safer environment than traditional grass installations, helping today’s children play their best, but safeguard against injuries caused by uneven and unexpected interruptions in the playing surface (i.e. weather, etc.). Rubberized underlayments can also be used to lessen the impact of an unexpected fall, providing even more safety in those areas where children are more likely to be tumbling on the ground.

When it comes to our lawn products in recreational installations, we can't be beaten. We use only the highest grade synthetic turf, for the most realistic and practical alternative to grass on the market today. Our advanced backing system allows the turf to conform to any desired slopes and contours, and ensures maximum drainage with little to no moisture build-up, minimizing down time of play and sporting activities. And the best part about Southwest Greens turf installations is that they never need mowing, watering or fertilizing to look great and play great year-round.

Whether your installation includes a commercial playground or day care facility or a backyard play area Southwest Greens has a grass product that will fit your needs perfectly.

 Few areas require the intense durability and drainability than those that house pets, and our EnvyLawn Pet Turf provides just that. Ours is a turf backing system based on Duraflo technology, which allows for superior flow through rates on drainage. Best of all, EnvyLawn is 100% recyclable and is a GREEN product, making it the perfect surface for your pets to run and play on. Our Pet Turf is perfect for kennels, backyards or commercial pet resorts to ensure playability 365 days a year for your pet.


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